Does cricket pooh look like small mouse droppings?

Question by Bubba: Does cricket pooh look like small mouse droppings?
I found what looks like small mouse droppings in my bathroom but no other signs of mice. We do however have crickets and im thinking it was from them but can find no info or pics.

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Answer by Aerron
Most bugs have a liquid-like poo, not solid. If you have mouse-like poo, I’d say you have a small mouse.

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2 Responses to Does cricket pooh look like small mouse droppings?

  1. chris w says:

    Its prob a mouse, put out glue traps, they will get either one

  2. bluetopaz says:

    You may actually have cockroaches. Very often Oriental cockroaches are mistaken for crickets. The fact that you’re finding them in your bathroom also is another indication you may have cockroaches. Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas or leaky faucets. You may also find them in your kitchen.

    They are usually most active at night, so take a look around at night and you’ll get an idea how many are in your house.

    Cockroach droppings and mouse droppings look very similar.

    Check out the websites for more information:

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