How do I get rid of roaches coming out of my shower drain?

Question by diane z: How do I get rid of roaches coming out of my shower drain?
Okay, this is gross, but at least once or twice a week, a darn roach comes up out of my shower drain. I live near a farm and have been told that the land my house is built on used to be farm land and that’s why. I’m in a one-story house & presume that if I was in a 2 story, I wouldn’t have this problem. I have no idea how to get rid of them. If I put a chemical in the drain, it’ll just wash away. It’s an enclosed shower and there are no other entry/exit points. Help!

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Answer by peon
Pour a foam down the drain. There’s some kind of drainpipe cleaner that is split into two chemicals in the bottle, but mixes when you pour it out, and when it mixes it foams up. Stuff like that is really toxic. Pour the whole bottle in (which you are supposed to do) and let it sit there for 24 hours.

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6 Responses to How do I get rid of roaches coming out of my shower drain?

  1. koola says:

    Boric acid , it is very effective when used properly for killing
    cockroaches and most other insects.
    You can also get a house lizard, they are natural enemies and will eat them. More information at

  2. riley715 says:

    lol. Well it could be becuase of ur saftey tank or wherever the drainage leads to. Well pour bleach down there or call the saftey tank ppl or the exterminators.

  3. the shadow knows says:

    get roach motels or spray a roach killer spray under the home.

  4. suz' says:

    You are right that is gross. I would suggest calling pest control.

  5. ApplianceGuy says:

    Contrary to popular belief roaches do not enter your home through the drain pipes nor do they live in the drains. They are there for the water but have come from inside the home. Sprinkle boric acid powder along the base boards and anywhere else that roaches may go. They will get the powder on themselves and take it back to their nests. When they clean themselves it will get in their mouth parts and will give them chemical burns and then they cannot eat and will die.

  6. Marysia says:

    in the detroit area i thought i had the same problem and it freaked my out!! i caught one and took it to work for our bug man – ends up they were water bugs – a close looking cousin to the roach. he had me start bleaching the drain, every other day at first – cup of bleach. then once a week and then every other month. made a huge difference! i would recommend after the last shower of the day to drop some bleach down.

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