How long should I let the caulking dry around my shower before showering?

Question by george3: How long should I let the caulking dry around my shower before showering?
There were some leaks that my handy guy filled in with caulk yesterday afternoon (about 17 hrs ago). How long should it take to dry until I can shower and does it have to be completely dry for me to shower? Thanks a lot
What happens if I shower too soon?

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Answer by Dbldiva
24-36 hours!

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10 Responses to How long should I let the caulking dry around my shower before showering?

  1. RT(R) says:

    here’s an the directions on the back

  2. rcloony says:

    at least 24 hours

  3. sensible_man says:

    Most caulks take 24 hours to fully cure. If they get wet before that, the water will ruin the seal.

  4. Sue says:

    24-36 hours, according to most of the tubes.

    If you need to shower sooner, hang plastic around the wall sides to keep it dry. If you have both a shower curtain liner and a fabric curtain, you can move the liner around temporarily — cover as much of the area recaulked as possible — with priority on the end closest to the shower head.

    Point the showerhead down a bit, too, to keep water away from the far end.

    Take the plastic off when you’re done, so that the air can continue to cure the caulk. Ventilate (fan, bathroom door open) to let moisture/ steam out of the room, too.

  5. DIYpro says:

    24 hours is a pretty good ballpark time frame. Press your fingertip into it at that point. You’ll know.

  6. ROBERT O says:

    24 hrs. rt(r) was kinda rude

  7. chickchick says:

    If he did not seal the caulk, you may be asking for trouble all over again. After applying the caulk, wait 24 hours then seal it with the sealer and let it 8 more hours or however long it says on the label. Most sealers dry quicker then 8 hours. You will have mold if it does not have the sealer on. Best of luck. Whoever your handyman is, he may not have know this.

  8. Ben.taft says:

    just feel it and see if it is wet first

  9. kevstoolshed says:

    minimal 24 hrs

  10. NICO says:

    Maybe it would be helpful to read the directions on the bottle.

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