How much is it to install a stand up shower?

Question by bunnyt1604: How much is it to install a stand up shower?
What is the average cost of installing a stand up shower in a bathroom that does not previously have one. We are buying a house soon and want to know the cost difference between having one already in the house or installing a brand new one later in a house we like that has no stand up showers.

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Answer by Ashley A
depends but Ill say 1000 to 2000 depending on the location and the plubing

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  1. skahhh says:

    I think about $ 1000 plus the cost of materials? Just a guess. Wages for such a job would be about $ 70 per hour here.

  2. cherry says:

    when i renovated my small 6′x6′ bathrm i had estimates that ranged from $ 1,000.00 to 9,000…..I went with the neighbor that asked for a grand and the downside was it took a long time because he worked a couple hours in the evening………had a full time job……..but in the end its beautiful and worth the wait….I saw it as a test of patience………the range of cost for the faucets, stall etc also ranged from pretty affordable to thousands of dollars..I invested in nice but very affordable…not the least expensive because those looked cheap…

  3. sandy l says:

    stand up showers can vary greatly in the cost. a simple on plastic can cost very little much less then a bath tub. .
    the cost of installing it would depend on things such as room in the washroom for one.
    do you need a new room to put this how far is it from the plumbing .
    how Fancy do you want it
    how difficult is it to get one into your home could a ready made model get to the spot you want it or does a custom one have to made on site.
    overall the price is lower then the tub like i said and a trip to a place like home depot with some facts like i suggested will reveal
    the approximate cost .

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