How much to install a shower?

Question by Vegas Matt: How much to install a shower?
About how much would it cost to install a shower into a bathroom with no shower in it? I understand it could vary a lot, but assume you’re having a contractor put in one of those pre-fab shower stalls and the room just has plumbing set up for a sink and toilet, so that stuff needs to be added.

Also, same question except your putting the stall into a laundry room, and changing the plumbing from a side by side washer/dryer setup, to a shower stall next to a stacked washer/dryer.

Obviously I don’t need specific numbers, just a ballpark range. But I do need some sort of dollar amount.

Thanks in advance.
Seriously, if you’re not going to put some numbers, don’t bother responding.
Seriously, if you’re not going to put some numbers, don’t bother responding.

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Answer by martinmm
labor cost will vary immensely.from contractor to plumber or even handyman. already between the differences you cold install it yourself. before anything determining that connections are close and a drain can be installed…. provided space for size and prefab shower …. determining room for if make is available…
i know there is not a price mentioned.but information is needed.
get a price for the shower you want. this would go a long way for you.location of the drain pipes are most important.if they can be connected to.

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  1. life_loverfl says:

    Hey Matt,

    You’re asking a specific question but there’s some vital information missing, so I’ll do the best I can here. I’m going to assume some details on my own

    A shower in the utility room is pretty straight forward. I would cut the wall out 4′ up from the floor and the width of the plumbing area. I would run the water lines and drain over to the stacked washer/dryer location. I would alter the existing water and drain to the height required for the shower. (The floor will have to be dug up to run the drain, unless there is access from a basement of first floor) I would have to cut the drywall up to the shower head. I’m assuming you would be installing a fiberglass shower and a shower needs three walls so I would construct the required wing wall.

    A shower stall, a glass door fixture, the faucet and shower head, the lumber, the drywall, the paint, the trim, floor repair, copper, PVC, and miscellaneous material will cost in the neighborhood of $ 2,000-$ 2,500. A typical rule of thumb is the total cost of a job should be 2 to 2.5 times the cost of material. “Ususally”! And remember, you aren’t necessarily paying a tradesman for what they DO. You’re paying them for what they KNOW! So, the bottom line is that this job should cost you anywhere from $ 4K to $ 6K. Now that’s using a contractor. You can cut some costs by finding someone on craigslist but contact me directly for information about that.

    The price for adding a shower in an existing bathroom with just a toilet and sink will cost about the same but that’s provided you have enough room in there to add it. You can figure on an additional $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 if you have to knock a wall dawn and extend the size of the room. I hope that helps.

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