How to fix a leaking shower.?

Question by DPG73: How to fix a leaking shower.?
We had a contractor install a new corner shower kit for us when we remodeled last year. The bottom of the shower floor is plastic and has a small crack in it already. The bottom has always felt soft as if it was a foam pad underneath, which is what the contractor told me when I asked.

Long story short, anyone have any suggestions?


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Answer by opal1331
Is it less than a year ? there should be some kind of manufacturers warranty on the materials or product.
Mine was installed two years ago and has a five year factory parts warranty, and yes, it does have a styrofoam base under the base.

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  1. Chance01 says:

    I agree with Opal below…It should have some kind of warranty that came with it.Id call the contractor and ask him to look at it and also see about the warranty and ask him what he plans to do about it..If he was paid for the job then he has an obligation to make sure it is fixed under the warranty he provided you..Good luck..

  2. skyalert says:

    Same thing here. Planning to do it right and tile the shower floor. Next time around. Mike Holmes has said tile is the best as long as it is done right…the first time.

  3. linuxsuze says:

    The contractor should guarantee or you can go against his contractors license. if he has one.

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