How to prevent water coming out from the bath tub when taking a shower in it?

Question by new: How to prevent water coming out from the bath tub when taking a shower in it?
After I posted the question, “What would be the reasons for leakage on the floor after changing a bath tub?”, I followed one of the answers & finally find out this. When someone takes a shower in my newly replaced bath tub, water splashes onto the wall & the edge of the bath tub on the faucet’s side. The water then runs horizontally on the surface of the edge of the bath tub until it is about one foot from the wall then goes down to the floor in a thin line. On the floor, it may seep down to the ceiling of the kitchen downstairs. I think this is the reason why I found water leaking through the ceiling of in the kitchen when someone was taking a shower upstairs before. I tried to wet the wall & edge of the tub before taking a shower & ‘stick’ or attach the shower curtain to these surfaces hoping to stop the water from running out. This helps a little but if there is enough water, it will go out from the small gap where the wall reaches the tub. Someone suggested me to use “Shower Splash Guards” which is available in HD for less than $ 10. Another suggestion is to install shower doors on the tub. This will cost about $ 300-500 which is a bit much for me. I wonder if the splash guards work well. Anyone used it & what is the result? Or, are there any other suggestions. I think there is a defect of the tub.

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Answer by Lene O
The splash guards are very effective and are carried by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, -I’ve even seen them in dollar stores. The plastic should be soft and flexible- the brittle ones do not last. Most important- use the proper adhesive and let it cure, dry etc the time stated on the label,

The problem may be that the tub is not properly pitched or that the shower head is not aimed appropriately. Both area easy to check. Use a level. Try playing with the shower head angle.

Regardless, the shower guards should keep the water where it belongs

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