I have found small white worms in my bathroom, are they termites?

Question by ali_cosani: I have found small white worms in my bathroom, are they termites?
I have found several small white worms in my bathroom and I am wondering if they are termites. My house is about 25 years old and I am in the process of renovating the bathroom because there is a lot of molding. My shower leaks and has caused alot of water damage on and inside the walls that surround it. But I have found a few white worms crawling around. They are quite small about the size of a fly but I am really scared that they could be termites…do I have anything to worry about?

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Answer by ღ olufunmi ღ
maggots!!! not termites

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15 Responses to I have found small white worms in my bathroom, are they termites?

  1. j m says:

    Sounds like maggots to me too!

  2. rlp_61 says:

    sounds like maggots

  3. Tsunami says:

    i am not sure if they are or are they something else? they sometimes get rid of wings have you seen them outside at all. if they are i would get rid of them.

  4. Devin C says:

    no there maggots.

  5. Carmoon says:

    Yeah those sound like maggotts. They like moist areas. To kill them use bleach and water.

  6. princess special says:

    i would have to say there maggots and u should really remodel your bathroom thats what i did its costed about to 5,000

  7. Black Sheep Squadron & Pappy Fan says:

    collect several in a plastic sandwich bad and take them to a pest control service tomorrow.

    termites can do thousands of dollars of damage in a short time so you want an expert to identify whatever these are as soon as possible.

  8. wv917 says:

    My mother-in-law has found those on her ceiling before. She tore up her entire house trying to figure out where they were coming from only to discover a long forgotten bag of flour that had been infested. I believe what you have discovered are simply maggots. A termite inspector could tell you more though and quite frequently for an inspection they are relatively cheap.

  9. life_sux1991 says:

    Those aren’t Termites those are Maggots! They are the offspring of flys. They sometimes are born from nastiness. Maggots are disgusting..

  10. Sionysus says:

    Well they’re probably maggots. Gross. But if you live in south america, or africa or something, they could be human bot flies. If they are, then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT HOUSE! Bot flies embed their eggs into your skin, and they become the size of catapiller larvae. Then they hatch and fly out of your skin. Oh and by the way they eat your flesh for food.

  11. Nette says:

    If I were you I would google termits and maggots and look at their pics to see which looks closer to what you have.

  12. Paul in San Diego says:

    No, they’re probably maggots (fly larvae).

    I had a bunch of them crawling across my kitchen ceiling once. No matter how much I sprayed insecticide (and killed them), they kept appearing. Finally I noticed that they were coming from a cabinet in the kitchen. Turned out I had an old box of cereal that they were feeding on. After I threw the cereal away (no, I didn’t eat any of it), the maggots went away.

    You’ve got something in there that they like and they’re feeding on it. Clean out all of your cabinets and throw away any organic material that might be suspect (oatmeal soap, maybe?). When the cabinets are empty, spray a generic insecticide in there. When you replace the damaged areas of the wall, again spray the insecticide (wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot of Tilex, too). They’ll be gone in no time.

  13. chanky says:

    ewwww,honey you got a case of the maggots…is there a bag of trash near by?

  14. Sophia Anne says:

    They could be maggots or maw worms. Maw worms come from what you eat and can get in your body and eat your insides.

  15. Jimmy M says:

    It sounds like you have found some fly larvae. Termites are white all right but they look like big ants, the queen termites look like black ants but with wings.
    If you are renovating the house, it might be a good idea to have an exterminator in just to be on the safe side. termites can sure tear up a lot of wood if left untreated.
    The worms are nothing to worry about, just get some insect killer and spray them.

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