Pink film in shower/tub? What is it and how do I get rid of it without harsh scrubbing?

Question by Mom of One in Wisconsin: Pink film in shower/tub? What is it and how do I get rid of it without harsh scrubbing?
I have this nasty stuff, probably from hard water, in my tub and shower. What’s the best way to get rid of it without having to break my back scrubbing? Also, is there any cleaner that I can use that isn’t toxic?

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Answer by wordchooser
Its the beginning of mold or mildew (clorox) bleach is the best but don’t let it touch any chrome and don’t mix with ammonia EVER
If you keep your tub-shower area dry it is less likely to keep coming back After every shower use the hottest water and rinse all the walls, tub fixture and shower curtain(top to bottom) if you have a removable hand shower nozzle if not wipe it dry open windows keep it dry, Mildew grows from moisture

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4 Responses to Pink film in shower/tub? What is it and how do I get rid of it without harsh scrubbing?

  1. boredgirl says:

    CLR I swear by it. The kitchen & bathroom cleaner comes in yrllow spray bottle

  2. fapitch says:

    I have also experienced this problem after moving house. My basin, shower & bath were turning pink. The problem turned out to be that the lining of the hot water service had broken down over time. We purchased a new one, problem was solved.

  3. Library Eyes says:

    the pink stuff is mold or mildew…use mildew remover spray

  4. mw says:

    The pink is growing in all the dirt and buildup. Skin cells, body dirt, it’s all there in that stuff. You HAVE to scrub to get rid of it. Hire someone to clean your house if you don’t want to do it.

    Once you scrub it clean, if you wipe down your shower once a week, it won’t be a back breaking job.

    As for toxic cleaners… most are not toxic unless you drink them, and even baking soda will kill you if you ingest enough of it… baking soda and vinegar won’t clean the shower very well (been there, tried it).

    You can use either a bleach based cleanser, or an orange oil based cleanser, both will work. Use a quarter cup of cleanser in a spritz bottle, mixed with water and spritz the entire shower, all over, with a lot of the stuff. Let it sit 5 minutes and spritz again.That should loosen up most of the crud, then take a scrub brush or non scratching scrub pad and spend 5 or 10 minutes scrubbing the shower, using circular motions and pressure. Rinse. Respritz any dirty areas and scrub those spots.

    Wash your shower curtain in the washing machine, with a bit of bleach added, then hang it back up to dry.

    If you have shower doors, wash it down, or the stuff that is growing on it will spread to the rest of the shower/tub, instantly.

    I think the pink stuff is an algae, maybe a mold. Old snow turns pink with algae, so this stuff might be similar.

    The pink is not from hard water. Hard water just makes whitish spots on glass and plastic, not pink. But hard water does make it so the dirt can cling and get thick.

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