Q&A: Should I install multiple GCFI outlets on the same circuit?

Question by Electrical Novice: Should I install multiple GCFI outlets on the same circuit?
I have a number of electrical outlets on the same circuit in the same room, e.g. the bathroom and kitchen. Each is near water (either the shower or a faucet). Should I install a single GCFI output per room, or replace each outlet with a GCFI?

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Answer by glen t
it depends on where the circuit runs. if the only outlets are in the bath and kitchen you can just install one and let it protect the rest of the outlets. if there are other outlets outside of and downstream from the bath then you should install seperate GFI and wire each as a stand a lone unit. either way is legal and workable but of course installing just one or two is cheaper and easier.

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4 Responses to Q&A: Should I install multiple GCFI outlets on the same circuit?

  1. handerande says:

    So long as you have a GFCI outlet at the start of a circuit, the rest can be regular outlets.One GFCI per room is enough, so long as they are on the same circuit.

  2. e r says:

    You can have multiple GFCI on the same circuit. You should place GFCI in your bathrooms and Kitchen. There is also a GFCI circuit breaker that can be used in the box to allow regular outlets to have a ground fault.

  3. leecompound says:

    As long as the other outlets are on the same circuit you only need a GFCI outlet at the beginning of the circuit or you could install a GFCI breaker if all the outlet are on the same circuit.

  4. Fagism Is Wrong says:

    I would install a GFI at each location. Costs more, but if it trips, you know it’s the one you’re plugged in to.

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