Small bugs in bathroom does anyone know what these are?

Question by Woody: Small bugs in bathroom does anyone know what these are?
I am a neat freak and know that these things aren’t here because I don’t clean. They are very small and they jump when I try to kill them. They don’t drown when I try to wash them down the drain and they are only around the bathroom sink and tub drains. They are about the size of a needle head and I didn’t even see them at first. I had to look again when I thought I saw something jump. If you know what these little things could be can you please give me a name and how to get rid of them. When we bought the house a few months ago we did have a pest person come out and spray the house but we didn’t know anything about these little bugs in the drain. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
I have been told that the previous owners had dogs in the past. We had all of the carpet pulled out along with the old pad and had new carpet installed. The pest person asked that we wait until the new carpet was installed so that if there were any bugs here he could spray the new carpet. We have two dogs and neither one of them has fleas so I am thinking it isn’t fleas. They are only around the bathtub and bathroom sink drains.

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Answer by ieatcrayons
Fleas, maybe?

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  1. debsstuff says:

    Sounds like it may be gnats. Clean your drains with draino, wash the sink and tub with a bath tub cleaner. Keep it clean once in a while with Pine Sol cleaner till all bugs are no longer noticeable.

  2. Lady Catherine says:

    There is a common misconception that insects only exist where there is filth. There are bazillions of bugs in the world and lots of them just want a place to live. What you describe sounds to me like carpet beetles, but I could be wrong. If they are in your bathroom they may be drawn to moisture.
    This site might help you ID them:

  3. Tapestry6 says:

    Jumping little bugs are fleas.
    The former tenants might have had animals.
    Vacuum throughly all over the house in every crevice you can see.. use the normal spray stuff like RAID in areas that you can spot after you sprayed.. Wait a couple of weeks and spray again cause they do lay eggs and they take a couple of weeks to hatch. Reapply the spray.. that should cover it.. but continue to vacuum everyday for at least the first month.
    Let the pest guy know he might be able to identify it for sure if you can capture one.

  4. debijs says:

    It sounds just like a flea. Do you have pets, or did the previous residents? They can live a long time without a host. Try putting a bowl of water in the bathroom at night, with a light over it. In the bowl add water and dishwashing liquid. They will jump for the light and fall in the water. The soap makes them drown. Do this nightly till you have no more.

  5. Dusti 777 says:

    The only bugs I know that jump are fleas. If you have pets that may be what they are.

    There are only two other insects that I know that would hang around a bathroom and those are gnats and silverfish. They both like to be around where there is water.

    At any rate, none of these insects are as a result of your not cleaning your bath — so don’t feel guilty.

    I have attached a website that might be able to help you identify them. There are so many different insects though, it might be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    If you determine that they are coming out of your sink, put some baking soda and vinegar down your drain. It will fizz a little so be aware. Let it sit for a while and then flush with water. Try the organic way first.

    Good luck. Here is that website

  6. Rosey 2ooo says:

    What colour are these bugs?
    If they are a dark red colour they sound like fleas, which would make sense seeing as you pulled up the carpets. They would have been living in the carpets? BUT i haven’t heard of flees in drains, unless the water from cleaning the carpet was poured down the drains?
    Some flee powder down the drain may kill them?

  7. Bingalee says:

    Sure sounds like fleas to me.

  8. Boggy says:

    I am afraid that if they jump then they are fleas, although how they could be in the drain I don’t know. You can buy flea sprays and spray round as it is only in the bathroom. Let the air clear before you go in there again though. Good luck.

  9. memphis tn bugs says:

    I live in Memphis TN and these showed up in our house about a week ago and are coming through multiple drains on both floors of the house. I am treating as fleas because I have seen them jump 6 inches or more.

    But I have seen an article calling it mite infestation.

  10. Dave B says:

    You have Springtails. They look like a flea, jump like a flea, but are not fleas. They come into your bathroom through the overflow drains in your tubs and sinks. They will jump when threatned. They prefer moist areas. You will find them in your decaying mulch or pinestraw on the exterior of the home. Springtails come in different sizes and colors.

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