Small bugs in bathroom does anyone know what these are?

Question by Woody: Small bugs in bathroom does anyone know what these are?
I am a neat freak and know that these things aren’t here because I don’t clean. They are very small and they jump when I try to kill them. They don’t drown when I try to wash them down the drain and they are only around the bathroom sink and tub drains. They are about the size of a needle head and I didn’t even see them at first. I had to look again when I thought I saw something jump. If you know what these little things could be can you please give me a name and how to get rid of them. When we bought the house a few months ago we did have a pest person come out and spray the house but we didn’t know anything about these little bugs in the drain. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
I have been told that the previous owners had dogs in the past. We had all of the carpet pulled out along with the old pad and had new carpet installed. The pest person asked that we wait until the new carpet was installed so that if there were any bugs here he could spray the new carpet. We have two dogs and neither one of them has fleas so I am thinking it isn’t fleas. They are only around the bathtub and bathroom sink drains.

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Answer by ieatcrayons
Fleas, maybe?

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