what are the tiny brown flying bugs in my kitchen and bathroom???

Question by Lorah C: what are the tiny brown flying bugs in my kitchen and bathroom???
i have recently noticed these TINY BROWN FLYING BUGS in my kitchen and bathroom. it wasnt until we got back off holiday to find loads and loads of these bugs dead on my window sill, and in my bathtub. since then i can see them everywhere. they dont bite, but it makes my skin crawl knowing they are in my kitchen, and could be in my food! they are really small, at first glance just look like a spec of dirt, but if you touch them, they hop or fly away. the only way i have been able to catch them is with my vacuum! they land on the walls, but mostly stay on the ceiling os under the coving. i want them GONE!!! does anyone have any idea what they are?? and how i can quickly get rid of them??????? HEEEELLLPPPP…THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY.

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Answer by craig’slove
They fly or hop?
If they fly they could be fruit flies, but those usually have red eyes.
If they hop and are brown they sound like fleas, but fleas usually bite.

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  1. The Truth says:

    spy drones sent by US government

  2. crazycre8or says:

    they could have made a nest or something in your house, then grew and multiplied. It would probably be a good idea to call something like pest control.

  3. Damaris says:

    I am all too familiar with these little gnats! Here’s the best way I’ve found to get rid of them:

    First, remove ALL food from your counters – put your tomatoes and fruit in a bowl in the microwave if you prefer not to refrigerate them, or in a closed pantry.

    Wipe all your counters and wipe out your sinks before you go to bed. These little guys will feed on the smallest dollop left on any surface for them, and they’re breeding in your drainage pipes, so the first place they find to feed is right there in the sink!

    Pour about 1 c. of bleach into EACH drain (if you’ve got 2 kitchen sinks, pour 1c. of bleach in each of them).

    NOW, go do the same thing in the sinks and drains (shower and bath) of all of your bathrooms. One cup in each drain. This means you’ll want to brush your teeth BEFORE you pour the bleach in the bathrooms.

    DO NOT RINSE!! Leave the bleach to sit overnight.

    And, you’re all set! Go to bed and wake up, gnat-free (or nearly, anyway). It may take a repeat performance but I promise you’ll have significantly less gnats IMMEDIATELY.

    Good luck!

    PS. I find, when they’re flying around, if I get my hand wet, they’re easier to catch. Then I just rinse them off my hand and down the drain….

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