Why can’t I get any cold water out of my shower?

Question by rachaelisme: Why can’t I get any cold water out of my shower?
I’ve checked the plumbing and the cold water is switched on. No matter how I turn the dial (hot and cold are on the same dial), the water is always scalding hot.

I’ve got copper pipes. A new shower head and dial was installed when we bought the house in January. I don’t know if the shower had the same problem before the switch. I’ve got great water pressure. I know the cold water is on because the same copper pipe feeds to my toilet.

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Answer by doobie true
Behind your shower faucet, where the pipes are connected to it, there is a problem with the cold water supply to the faucet. It could have a cut-off valve or it could be disconnected and capped off. Take your shower faucet off the wall and look at the connections. If the problem is not readily obvious, you will have to search farther down the line. There is a simple reason, even though the solution may be a major hassle.

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2 Responses to Why can’t I get any cold water out of my shower?

  1. Butch says:

    Either the cold water valve to your shower is shut off or the shower dial valve is not working and is staying on hot water only.

  2. Turnhog says:

    It sounds as though the diverter in your valve is malfunctioning, but it can be replaced. The diverter mixes the hot and cold water. The dial wouldn’t be the problem since it sets your max hot water temp.

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